My zedtech – Warranty Rules:
Zedtech warranty is valid for a period of 2 years for all our products and accessories against
manufacture defects. This warranty covers only manufacture defects and it doesn’t cover:
• Repairs made by non-authorised personnel, modifications or improper use.
• If the boat have any proof of bad use like damages caused by incorrect storage or
• If the warranty seal inside the boat is broken or the information can’t be seen.
If you want to make a claim please contact our dealer in your country. He will have all pleasure to
solve your problem.
My zedtech – Maintenance Rules:
Please follow our suggestions if you want your boat in good conditions for a long period:
• Don’t expose your boat to the sun for long periods.
• Only allow zedtech professionals to fix your boat.
• If you use it to paddle in saltwater, clean it with freshwater after using it.
• Never store or transport the boat inside wet cover.
• If you will store your kayak for a long period, please don’t put it inside the cover.
• Do not tight the boat directly on metal racks and do not tight it too strongly.

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