Zedtech Kayaks was established in 1999.
At the beginning, we began to producing only kayaks and canoes for Flatwater Racing, but as the natural cycle of business life allows, behold, arise a huge, new and different demand from our dealers; we decided to accept the challenge and extended the production to a wide range of kayaks and canoes, such as for Initiation, Flatwater Racing, Masters and Fitness, Sea and Paracanoe.
In 2010 there was a major amendment and we move from a 500m2 factory to a new with over 1200m2. A development department based on rich experience, which enabled the creation of new and better products with the implementation of new technologies was started.
In January 2015, Fernando Laranjeira (Athlete and Canoeing Coach) takes the company’s management, bringing with it an accumulation of experience and knowledge in the area. From a great passion and admiration for Canoeing, Laranjeira decides to implement a new direction and objective to the company. In an early age has been seen a remarkable growth in a zedtech’s business. Several factors converge to the construction strength, using new strategies.
Currently the principal concept of the company becomes from these main factores: Quality/Price;